Not being very watch-savvy, how can I tell exactly what brand of watch someone is wearing?

As a “watch radar”, I often go out with my friends to watch movies and eat, and I can tell the watch brands that appear around me, and sometimes even the series, price, and model, many people are asking if there are techniques to identify watches, and what tips can be taught to them.

First of all, look at the brand, there is basically no technique, it’s like memorising an old poem when reading, the logo is fixed, if you want to answer quickly and accurately, you have to memorise it by heart. Basically, all watches have a logo on the dial, so if you know the brand logo, you will have a better understanding of the watch.

Secondly, look at the features. In today’s world where watch design and functionality are playing out, many watch brands have their own iconic designs. These designs not only meet people’s aesthetic needs, but also make the brand stand out and unique among many watches.

Panerai’s bridge guard

When it comes to Panerai’s iconic design, it is none other than the bridge guard. For many people, a Panerai watch with a bridge is the first choice to be “Panerai”. This large, eye-catching semi-circular device locks the crown in place to further waterproof the watch. It is said that Panerai designed the bridge guard because Rolex, for whom it had been a watchmaker, stopped working with it and, without Rolex’s 8mm screw-in Oyster crown, Panerai developed its own water-resistant bridge guard. The bridge was patented in 1956. The large dial with this bridge guard, aaa quality replica rolex watches as long as you know this design of Panerai, you can definitely recognize it from a few meters away.

Cartier’s balloons

Cartier watches have many classic collections, and the most recognisable one is the Blue Balloon. The crown is set with an oversized cabochon sapphire and has a bridge guard that looks like a blue balloon rising into the air. The Cartier Blue Balloon collection is inspired by man’s dreams and attempts to fly: the Montegofil blue hot air balloon, the first human flying machine, was successfully lifted into the sky in 1783. Freed from the bonds of gravity, the blue balloon soared higher and higher, transforming into a beautiful sapphire crown on the side of a convex crystal, carrying the fantasy and eternal desire of man for the mystery and beauty of outer space, as well as the unending strength and courage of love.

Movado’s dots

Movado is a renowned Swiss watch brand and one of the world’s leading watchmakers, known for its iconic Museum dial and its contemporary design. Featuring a dot at 12 o’clock, symbolising the noonday sun, it has been described as the cleanest and purest of designs. A registered trademark and an award-winning design, this acclaimed single dot dial has evolved into a series of chic watches and has become an iconic design for Movado watches.

Omega’s claw

A signature design of the OMEGA Constellation collection, the Constellation “Manhattan” was launched in 1982, introducing the four “paws” that are now well known around the world. The original purpose of the claws was to hold the sapphire crystal in place and to ensure the water resistance of the watch. The four “paws” on the dial made the watch instantly recognisable even from a distance and could not be confused with other watches, thus becoming the design standard for the Constellation collection.

In addition to these, there are a number of other watches with iconic designs that will help you to quickly identify the watch, and if you know of any other iconic designs, please feel free to discuss them in the comments section.

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